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Jim Blake

The following are REAL testimonials from REAL people around the world touting the health benefits of Colloidal Silver.

7) I use colloidal silver internally as well as spraying it on my face and hands to eliminate brown spots and blood blisters. The flue is hitting hard here, but I don\’t have it. I also wear an ionizer when venturing outside, since I live in the French Quarter where you pick up germs from all over the world! I give colloidal silver to my flue stricken friends. I also put just a teaspoon into the salt water that I irrigate my nose with. I\’m asthmatic, maintained on inhaled steroids. I feel GREAT. To the point that I\’m slowly decreasing my medicine dosage with no adverse effect. The this stuff is changing my life.

Kaye Rochelle

8) Just wanted to give you some feedback. Started taking the C/S on Saturday afternoon and I have been feeling incredible. I had been very run down and lethargic for sometime, sleeping later in the morning and going to bed earlier at night but since Saturday it\’s another world. Been getting up at 5:30-6AM and not going to bed until 11-11:30pm. Energy level is terrific. I feel incredible. Thanks for all your help and feel free to give my e-mail address to anyone wanting a testimonial.

John White

9) I am really pleased with the colloidal silver as it has cured me of my cold and chronic sinus infection within 2 days. It was amazing !!!.

Thanks ….
Ahavah Brooks

10)  I believe Colloidal Silver has helped to completely REVERSE my ANA tests at the doctor\’s office… NO AUTO IMMUNE ACTIVITY after using approximately eight ounces a day for several months. THANK YOU.!!!!!!!!

William Bassett

11) I\’ve been taking silver water and my sinuses have pretty well been staying cleared up. I was having a lot of problems with them but not any more. Thank you very much for the information about colloidal silver. Keep up the good for everyone that is interested. I\’m spreading the word to everyone I know and work with.

Frances Baldwin

12) Hi!

Spoke with you about 6 months ago and am finally getting a moment to jot down
my experience with colloidal silver.

It is Amazing Stuff!

I am involved with cat rescue, often working with feral cats, and it is not unusual for me to be bitten or scratched. I had received a nasty bite from a little feral that I was taming to put up for adoption. Immediately I started drinking healthy amounts of colloidal silver and hoped the bite would not get infected. It did. The following day I had a red streak (beginning of blood poisoning) starting up my arm several inches long. I called my Dr. but could not get an appt to see him (no longer my Dr.) Coincidentally I had an apt with my vet that day and she freaked when she saw my bite and said that I should see someone immediately or surely I would wind up in the hospital with blood poisoning.

I happened to have some antibiotics on hand at home but decided I would give the colloidal silver till that evening and if the streak wasn\’t better by then I would start a round of medicine. That evening the streak was almost gone.

I continued with the silver and the healing of the wound was incredibly fast. This is amazing stuff. I started to tell a friend of mine in Florida that works with cats about my experience and he chimed in that he has used it for the same situation in the past with great results.

How terrific not to rely on Dr.\’s and antibiotics!


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